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It’s summer in the northern hemisphere, and the perfect time to suggest a new beach power!


This idea is to create a sandcastle smiley power with lots of customizable features! These fun features (with facial expressions) could include:

  • Shapes - bucket, castle, citadel, temple, mansion
  • Effects - default, crumbling, washed away, kicked / flattened by foot
  • Sand colors - beach, silver, red, black, custom
  • Flags - used with (flag) power
  • Gback smiley

Limited pawns with this power could include a sandcastle, bucket and spade, and a sandcastle being constructed (appears bit by bit). Meanwhile, a hug animation could include a wave lapping over a beach, destroying a sandcastle. When the wave withdraws back into the sea, your message could be left behind in the sand.


Please post your constructive thoughts/additions below! You can also discuss your ideas with us at Feedback chat!


Credit to Four (4444) for the idea and writing this, Lemona (220341852) for the artwork, and Elea (1313) for the flag idea and ‘sandcastle being constructed’ pawn.

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Posted (edited)

it can be a game, who can destroy the sand castles fastest mutual  , xat powers can be used in this game which power can cause the most devastating damage


for example angry power + 10 damage demon + 5 damage this changeable skull - 5 damage can be added not just like this but with different features



my opinion is like this : )))

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Posted (edited)

I agree with @Valstein it can be a power game cause it sounds very like a game like warriors who's try to defend their territory.

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