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KABOOOOOOM!!!!!! We're back with a bang to propose a mind-blowing new power: Explodefx!!


Explodefx is an FX power with emphatic explosions to ignite your smilies! We're bursting with excitement to suggest these spectacular smilies and effects:

  • exploding bomb (with smoke)
  • exploding dynamite (with a number timer)
  • exploding firework
  • exploding pawn
  • exploding xat planet
  • fiery explosion (lots of fire!)
  • mirror shattering outwards
  • nuclear explosion with mushroom cloud
  • sausage bursting
  • space vortex sucking in elements then exploding outwards
  • volcanic eruption with lava

All of these explosive effects can be combined with other smilies! For example, (mad#explodefx) (swt#expdynamite) and (burningheart#expfire)! The effects can maximize anger, destruction, power, catastrophe and more!


A Balloonfx power currently exists with a mild popping effect, but these new effects are much more dangerous and destructive!


Any of the above smilies could be included as pawns. An explosive hug animation could also be included, whereby your message appears once the smoke has cleared!


Please post your constructive thoughts/additions below! You can also discuss your ideas with us at Feedback chat!


Credit to Four (4444) for the idea and writing this, Lemona (220341852) for the artwork, and Elea (1313) for the volcanic eruption and space vortex ideas.

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All I can say is that I love this suggestion, is something Innovative and it looks like this will be a lot of fun. I like the presentation of the suggestion. Well done and Good suggestion... 

I'll be looking forward to get it.

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