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28 minutes ago, TinkerDoodle said:

Maybe something like when did you first join xat? What was your first xat power? When did you first buy xats? Personal questions like that. 

Most people share their join date with others, and it's also easy to ask someone when they first purchased xats.


I kind of changed my mind on this security questions thing because lots of people would be tricked into answering their security questions by strangers. Yeah, I know that it'd be their own fault if they're sharing their private information but I don't see xat adding a feature like that.


Back to the alternate e-mail thing, this wouldn't change much to be honest, Stah and Sydno made really good points above.


The mobile thing would require constant updating on the user's side (people change phone numbers frequently where I live, I don't know about other countries) and we know they are lazy... It's not a bad idea at all though. 


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