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Upgrade the Apps on HTML5

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Hello community,


there is another thing that always made xat special for me and in this case I can go as far to say: even for many others aswell, That thing is it's side apps. Back in 2011, for example, xat was without a doubt the ONLY chat on the net that had chess, 4 in a row, pool, doodle, etc games integrated to work together with the chat box. The admins worked a lot on making more and better free apps in 2007 - 2012 until they suddenly stopped more and more and started first and foremost caring about new powers.

Let's build on xat's until today quite unique strength of cool side app integration and improve already existing ones on HTML5, eh?


Here is a list of apps and how they could be improved on HTML5:



Doodle, which very much resembles a web version of an old Paint (like good old Windows 98 Paint, ahhh childhood for some while some weren't even born). Could have more features added of the Windows 7 Paint application, which could include

- shapes (star, circle, square, polygons, etc)
- fillbucket
- more colours
- colour pipette
- two selectable colours at a time (one for border of shapes, one for filling)

- (maybe) the ability to write text on it with FONTS




Chess is already available on HTML5. I always found chess to be an app that was never really finished but rather completed half-heartedly. You could move around your figures freely on the board with absolutely no restrictions whatsoever, not even proper turning. In the past, you always needed to keep your eyes peeled so your opponent doesn't cheat or move one of your figures by accident. Some features it could have added include the following:

- board notation (rank and file)

- rules and turns (you shouldn't be able to move your figures around freely)

- (maybe) an AI to play against




The piano app is already a lot of fun as is for those who can play the piano. The probably biggest problem was that it was a small problem for users of non-english keyboards to play it (on my german keyboard, Y = Z, if you know what I mean). Here I have ideas to share of what could be better. It could have:

- the names of notes added to it's keys (A B C D E F G A H)

- the width of the keys adjustable (to display more keys at a time)

- international keyboard ajustments and compability (QWERTZ, AZERTY, arabic, kyrillic, etc)

- the ability to add music sheets on top of the piano (and maybe a power to write your own music sheets)

- (idk if there is a power already for this? if not, add as a power!) more instruments! Like guitar, saxophone, etc.)




Now the webcam app only (kinda) worked when it first released and stopped working a little after a while. Well, after all, it never really worked well. I see it as a good addition since many successful online chats like Discord have the ability to do video chat today. So, either improve it or remove it, that's entirely your choice DEVELOPERS DEVELOPERS DEVELOPERS.

One must not do caming if they don't want to, remember. It's everyone's own decision.



All this can help us have more fun and attract new users here, I'm sure.

Greetings, Voyd

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