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xat Mosa3adeh Contest! WIN 4,500 XATS


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What's the contest?

The contest consists of creating an xatframe for the Mosa3adeh chat.


- Mosa3adeh is a help chat, therefore the blue color levels is preferred. 


Contest Information:

  • The contest will start today.
  • The contest will end 27th June 2020
  • There are only 2 Winners
  • First Winner 3,000 xats, Second Winner 1,500 xats
  • Winners will be chosen by Mosa3adeh staff


Contest Rules:


You can also get inspired by the beautiful xatframe that was made by @LaFleur 




Prize Holder: @Sydno


Good luck everyone!!

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I'm almost sure it's not the best, but here we go...


Basically I did it using only HTML & CSS, no images, this make easier to edit later if you want.


Yes, I did it following RTL (Right to Left), since it's a arabic help chat.


Outer background#0c2461 (it's required for some weird reason)


xatframe url: https://frames.xatblog.net/frames/mosa3adeh.html


Demo: https://xat.com/images?cb=1337




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Thanks for all your submissions, really some creative work!


The winners are:

1. xLaming - Minimalist design / Making good use of xatframes to show the latest power and customizing the output to Arabic, which is a very beneficial feature.

2. Mr Tomato - We like the creative aspect of the design! 


Please contact @Sydno to collect your prizes.

Sorry everyone else, you all did great but unfortunately we can only pick 2 winners. Better luck next time!


Thanks @Sydno for holding the prize.


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