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Video Maker and Building Brand Awareness

Do you think this idea should be made?  

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I want to start the topic like this : As you know , xat.com has employees (Smiley Maker , Volunter , Game Maker , Wiki Translator , Contributors , Wiki Editor )  why not add Video Maker between them ?


So what is the role of Video Maker  ? or what can he do ?



* As a first step, xat.com will play a promotional role in the games created by , so promotional videos will be created, the same (Trailers, Announcement, Reveal)

*Will enable xat.com to introduce itself , will create brand awareness

*In the second stage , when xat.com wants to make any announcements, it can broadcast in itself.

*youtube or other platforms can be used , however, it is necessary to open a content producer section where xat.com can publish its own videos.

*Live Broadcast events can be done

I don't think that games will be played only if you buy and sell , I think xat.com should create its own game like a game company , should address their users , i know it will be hard but i think it is needed , and I think this will play an introductory role for html5


This is not a powers , step into the future


I respect all of your opinions forever : )


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