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As you may have known, for the past 3 years, I have been moderating several official xat rooms at a time, which I call "xat patrol." Now, with much more real life responsibilities, I have lost the time and motivation to dedicate to continue to do this duty. For this reason, I have quit xat patrol.


What does this apply to?

This applies to my staff position on the following chats: Assistance, Chat, Help, xat_test, Loja, and Trade. I have also left their respective clubs on the forum as well.


Will you still be active on xat?

Yes, I will still be active on parts of xat. However, this is only limited down to managing Game chat, continuing to check the forum regularly, and answer to reports and messages. I will still keep my inventory on my xat account, and continue to host contests when I have the time. Recently when I had a short amount of time after work, I would only check those parts of xat, and only moderate the other chats when I had more free time. However, moderating the other chats is no longer the case, and managing Game by itself is still much of a responsibility. This time away from xat patrol will also give me more time to continue to manage and improve Game, and maybe even host more contests!


It has been a pleasure serving as a team member in most of the official chats of xat, but I cannot dedicate my time to continue to do this anymore. I will still continue to fill my role as a chat manager, a Contributor, a Verified Prize Holder, and, if needed, a helper! Cheers, and thank you chat managers for allowing me to moderate your chat!



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