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xat.com/html5 - monthly main owner pick

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With the new official xat HTML5 development & testing chat - https://xat.com/html5 - coming to life, we are introducing an old/new exciting system!   Each month a user will be picked as

(Para ler em Português, leia no final! To read in English, simple continue:) A few years ago, members of our community were recognized for bringing significant changes to the xat universe. They mad

To my fellow colleagues, to the many coordinators that work together with me on the projects, to my oldest cyberfriends who've endured years of memories, and to the newer ones which I had the pleasure

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The importance of feedback is mesmerizing, not only to the listener but also to one who writes it down. When you understand the difference you can make then what lies ahead depends solely on you and sometimes, in my experience most of the time, that single person that spoke up in the middle of a hundred others is the one that matters. Their change may affect the entire group and possible many others that haven't had a chance to join the chat or see this. 


Your presence on HTML5 chat counts tremendously and the same goes for your intentions. Your intentions to help xat and the community.

The visibility of those intentions should be seen not only by us four (Junior, LaFleur, Sloom and Cupim) but also by the people. The everyday user, the weekend guests, the night time comers, the first time visitors. 


If there is any type of experience that could make a difference for users who aim to have more ideas and unique approaches on how to solve big and fun problems like function powers or even game bans, it is the experience of visiting chat rooms to understand what users are facing as difficulties. The frontline helpers are the paramedics of the chat, their reception can define what a user thinks or how their site or chat will look, or even help xat in the future on how to improve its chat and the website. Well, for now, our goal here is to keep digging and building, brick by brick. 


A special thanks to everyone who's been around with us, especially Lemona, Stifler and Leandro! Our main goal of creating an environment to think of xat related ideas is getting more solid as each day goes by.

And today, to mark our monthly announcement presenting today the 4th main owner of HTML5 chat, we also invite you all to celebrate xat's anniversary on the xat.com/HTML5 chat (September 16th), come to enjoy what may be the  "The Last Flash Year Party"


Our main this month is a helper who's been collaborating with ideas for years. We have invited Bau to participate in the project and become the main of the month. We hope for an energetic and fun month.


1st of September of 2020.



Junior &


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The changes feel different when we are made part of it. And to include ourselves into the unknown is what might help us to alleviate from missing the old.

For today, we begin with an entirely new chapter of xat/HTML5. The 1.50 version. Now you can hide the visitors/friends list, use the coolest epic powers and even bump people. 


But beyond the works dedicated to this production that you can now see live and running on any xat page, we must look upon the community. The people. Us.


It's been a very active month of record-breaking visits that we must credit to Bau for his profound and intensive care as monthly manager of xat/HTML5.  

We are usually very careful when it comes to using the "record-breaking" term, but one has gotta admit that after Bau broke his own record it then became clear for us that we would have to mention it somewhere, and so we are doing it now, here.

@Bau, we appreciate your enthusiasm but here is our goodbye. The end of your month flourished new standards for the xat/HTML5 chat. This will never be forgotten. 

In consideration to Bau's moves and decisions, it evidently got difficult and delicate for us to find the next main owner. 

But after a long meeting full of calculations and drawings in a board, doodles in A4 papers and drafts on the notepad app, we are more than happy to announce the next main owner:


Every leadership that worked with us on the chat was aligned to the common goal of making the new xat a better, secure, useful and unique place. 

We have no doubts that Blacky is going to construct a path towards that goal as he has been effectively doing so on xat/Ayuda. 

A big hug to Lemona, Stifler and Leandro.


And YOU... we expect your visit.

Come and visit us at: xat.com/HTML5 !


1st of October of 2020. 


Junior &


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