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Group PC (With examples)

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I know this idea has been suggested in the past, but I wanted to bring it up again with some examples on how to make it work.


With this power, everytime you have set up a shortcut, you can do, for example: CTRL + G and the plus button will show up: Plus2.png.3c46dcc716677e6b897ac26e903f434f.png

Note: This button will only show up on the pawn of the people YOU have added. If they have NOPC and DON'T have you added, they won't be added to the Group PC.




If you select a group of people, MAX 6 people, the Group PC should appear like a normal private chat, just with the registered names (or with display names, what's easier) of the people added to the group private chat. Also, the bubble pc icon should be the group pc power icon, so people can see its different from a normal private chat.




When the group pc is created, it should look something like this: 




Why not just create a chat and invite people there, instead of having a power? (would love if it is a feature, but you know)

Simple. Why would I create a chat just to invite some people to tell them something I can do in a quick second? For example, there's a gossip around on the chat we all are in at the same time, and I want to say it to all of them, I can easily create a Group PC in less than a minute and tell them :$.


Thank for coming to my TED Talk.

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