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I have decided to publish a new type of interview where the entire community is the interviewer. Basically, this is "AMA" format. AMA stands for Ask Me Anything. Hopefully, this will not just be about me, so here it is: Ask Them Anything.


If you like the idea, you can suggest someone. If they are picked, you can ask them any question you'd like. The only limit is what the interviewee will answer (and of course forum rules and terms). Other than that, there is no taboo. The idea is to get the opinion of someone over something, it can be related to xat but it can also be anything else like they're favourite book and why, their best memory, or tips on how to become this or that. Don't filter yourself when asking something, the interviewees will do that by themselves ;)


Every weeks the following will happen:

1) An interviewee will be picked

2) You will ask them questions

3) You will suggest someone to be interviewed next


For the first week, I will be answering your questions. So feel free to ask me anything! And to suggest who the next interviewee will be!


This is community based so we're expecting a lot from you :D


PS: Volunteers, Contributors, etc, everyone is allowed to ask questions :o

PS2: You can ask questions below!

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I guess I will be the first person to ask a question! 

What would you do if you were gifted $10,000 dollars today?

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Thank you all for your questions!


To make it more appealing, I have decided to offer 500 xats to my favorite question and I plan to offer 500 xats at every ATA interview for the interviewee's favorite question.


So if you would like to win 500 xats, just ask me anything (cool)


If there are enough questions, I will answer them on Sunday and annonce the next interviewee. You can still suggest the next interviewee and ask me any question!

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