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Most Angriest Moments On xat Thread

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So have you had any moments on xat that's made you mad?  I've had a few that are a bit harsh to talk about but if I was to mention 1 unique and memorable moment where I got mad it would be that April Fools Day excrement power joke back in 2016.  I went on holiday that day and I'd just got into my hotel room, got my tablet out and logged into xat to find feces in everyone's name, thinking what the hell is going on here.  In disgust I remember going into the bathroom with it, changing to a null account to vent anger out on the Help chat.  Staff were very good about it though and told me not to get so mad and that people are entitled their own opinions.  After then I calmed down.  As you'll probably know that changed to fools the next day.

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