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xatframe - new group styling feature


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1 hour ago, Abrahan said:

It is not possible to touch or select the objects / texts embedded with the iframe, is this supposed to be ok or is it an bug?

Yes, it's intended. This is mainly meant for styling group backgrounds in new different ways, so mouse events won't be working.

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Going to leave 2 iframes.


Animated background (INNER & OUTER):


Iframe link: https://static.mundosmilies.com/testiframe.html

Preview: https://xat.com/About?new&cb=10000


Static background (INNER & OUTER) + Current time + latest power + users online on chat room (actually only works in Mundosmilies)


Iframe link: https://static.mundosmilies.com/testiframe2.html

Preview: https://xat.com/Mundosmilies?new&cb=10000


Ideas are welcome, give yours.

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  • Wiki Editors

iframes with parameters:



Link: https://xstah.github.io/i/1.html?name%3Dstah%26bg1%3D000000%26bg2%3D020060%26c1%3D000%26c2%3D020060%26c3%3D020060

Preview: https://xat.com/stah?new



Link: https://xstah.github.io/i/1.html?name%3Dstah2%26bg1%3D006a4e%26bg2%3D2E856E%26c1%3D8abaae%26c2%3D5ca08e%26c3%3D5ca08e

Preview: https://xat.com/stah2?new



Link: https://xstah.github.io/i/1.html?name%3Dstah3%26bg1%3DEb5a46%26bg2%3Dec9488%26c1%3D933b27%26c2%3DCf513d%26c3%3DCf513d

Preview: https://xat.com/stah3?new


Try it yourself: https://xstah.github.io/i/1.html?name=stah&bg1=000000&bg2=020060&c1=000000&c2=020060&c3=020060 

(& and = must be encoded before putting on chat due to chars being stripped)


Limitation: with maxlength removed seems to be 119 chars.


(Hopefully @SLOom doesn't mind I pinched his Rubyyyyy example with a few modifications for proof of concept)

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Based on @Daniel's idea I've created a new one to share.



  • Users can choose their background by adding ?style= at the end of url, available: 1, 2, 3 and dark.
  • Main owners can choose if they want waves effect or not by adding ?show to the end of url (on iframe input/chat edit).
  • When using ?show chat name is shown on the background with your chat name.


* Waves enabled (chat edit)


* Waves disabled (chat edit)


* Style 1


Preview: https://xat.com/Contact?style=1


* Style 2


Preview: https://xat.com/Contact?style=2


* Style 3


Preview: https://xat.com/Contact?style=3


* Style dark


Preview: https://xat.com/Contact?style=dark


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i don't understand much how to do it....... What program should I use to make a motion xatframe? Or in what format should I save it gif or what? Should I make an account on any page to upload my own bg xatframe? I don't know how to generate it in html  (hmm)


someone explains to me ???? :c 

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