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Co-main ownership

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Hello (hi) 


To be honest i don't know how exactly to talk about this idea, but let's try anyway lol, here i'll not talk about official chats because volunteers are a main owners there in general.


In this case i want to talk about private chats, to make the idea clearer.


Let's take an exemple to facilitate understanding the idea : for exp i'm a main owner of a private chat (X), i have 2 co-main owners with me (A) and (B), if for some reason I DON'T WANT  (A) to be a co-main owner in my chat anymore, i should click " edit " entering with the chat code, and changing it, click " reset the chat " then come back to the chat room re-rank the other users ... ( it happens like this in private chats ) these are a long steps and this takes a time.


So, my idea is adding a button, or an option in the chat setting to shorten and facilitate the downgrading of a co-main owner without going through all those previous mentioned  steps.


I'd like to know what do you think about this, also if you have something to add and to develop this idea.


Thank you !! 

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I'm not sure whether it was already suggested (I am sure it was because it's an extremely popular idea) but yes, this is a good idea.


For now on, you can use manage power if you want to demote a main owner without resetting the chat. You can backup all your users, manually change the rank of the main owner you would like to demote, and restore the updated file in the edits.


Eventually, managing main owners specifically should be implemented in HTML5.

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