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Xat Awards 2016


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Recently we had the Academy Awards (Oscars): one of the most watched and commented events nowadays. From it, I had the idea of creating a xat themed voting.

The voting, like on the Oscars, will be divided into categories. Winners of each category will be chosen by forum users via responses to this thread. Each user vote is worth 1 point. The voting will end at midnight (UTC+0) of 07/03 to 08/03.



  • You may only choose one option per category
  • Any vote that does not follow the rules above will not be credited.
  • When you vote, please, follow the format of the categories I listed below (that will facilitate things).
  • In case of draw on one of the categories, both powers/bot provides will win!



  • Best smiley power.
  • Best function power.
  • Best group power.
  • Best bot provider*.

 *Not necessarily a new one.


Important Note:

If you have any questions about this thread, you can send me a message (do NOT reply to the thread unless you are intending to vote).



And the Xat Awards goes to:

  • Best Smiley Power: Anime.
  • Best Function Power: Gold/Me.
  • Best Group Power: Gcontrol.
  • Best Bot Provider: FEXbots.


Thanks to everyone that voted on this thread and sorry for taking so long to update it with the winners. 



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Best smiley power : FANTASY (because I can do ogre smiley, which is like Shrek):$

Best function power : NAMEGRAD

Best group power : RANKLOCK

Best bot provider : Sorry Jadiction, but it's gotta be ARCBOTS, nah it's FEXBOTS!!!

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