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How Many Forever Bans Have You Had?


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This is since you came to xat.  I have had quite a few but at the moment there are only 4 as the others have since reset or forgiven me.  Two of the present ones are DJ chats that are owned by a group of DJS I fell out with in 2015.  Another was a private chat for a love couple I stumbled into about a week after I first came to xat in May 2012.  Although they have long left the good thing is I go back and it remarks my first ever xat ban so I'm happy to stay like that on there lol.  The other one sadly is the Help chat and that happened while I was in bed when another user got into my account back in 2014.  I have since told volunteers but they haven't had enough proof so I have to use Assistance now.  So I get mixed feelings about permanent bans.

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