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Embed HTML5 xat Chat Language Setting 2.


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I asked this:

Dear Staff,

There is a language setting in the html code of the flash version (FlashVars="id=220409851&rl=Hungarian"), what should I write in the code in the HTML5 version if I want to change the language?"

The answer (from @Stif):

"Hello @oberleg.


You don't have to change any codes to change your language on HTML5. It's pretty simple now, just go to a xat chat, click on your name, then Settings, Language and then select the language of your choice. Once you choose it, close all xat.com tabs and open them again, both web and chat will be in the language you chose."

The problem is that the flash version knows the Hungarian language, but the html5 version does not. So I can't set the inserted (embed) html5 chat to Hungarian.spacer.png

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Hello @oberleg.


Yes, you're right. Hungarian is not available through the chat box. This problem will be fixed in the future. However, in the meantime, you can access https://xat.com/, click on the globe icon in the upper right corner and select Magyar (Hungarian). Once you choose it, the language will be applied to both web and chat.

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In Hungarian some translations are missing,


Btw, not everything is fully translated on HTML5 since it's not finished yet.


Some texts will be in English, you can't add any string at the end of the code, all you can do is set using your Settings tab.


On HTML5 &rl isn't available yet.

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