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Supersticker (Function)

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I'm suggesting a new power.



  • It requires all sticker powers. Once you have all them you'll have "supersticker", same than allpowers/everypower or other super powers;
  • When you have this power, you can use "png strip" gifs as stickers. For example (supersticker#whttps://i.imgur.com/....);
  • When a new sticker power is added, you will lose this ability to use the Supersticker, in this way it will prevent people from creating images of the current stickers and using them for free.

Inappropriate (how to deal?)

  • By reporting the images to the image provider, then inappropriate images can be removed;
  • Reporting users via xat.me's "Inappropriate" button.

Inappropriate (but this isn't enough! - abuse)

  • Images on chats, profiles, avatars, etc can be abused actually, so I think this isn't an argument to blame the main idea, since it can always be reported.

Why adding this power?

  • Many social networks (such as Facebook or WhatsApp) allows the use of custom images as stickers, why not allow it on xat.com as well? It's something cool!;
  • It would be something innovative that would allow users to create their own, maybe even share or sell;
  • It would be different from other Super powers, since this one would have a function instead of only pawns/smilies.



When the link ends with .gif it loads directly from the server (since there is a lot of free gifs on Google Images), when it ends with .png so will load using the animation method (png strip). @Junior :$ 


Prices/images/previews are out to smiley makers/admins to decide about it.

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2 hours ago, Paul said:

maybe also if abused the user loses the power? 

Yes, this may work xd


1 hour ago, Norman said:

If this would let us send the 'and I oop-' sticker I want it. 

Well, allowing you to make your own stickers, so yes :$

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Posted (edited)

I'm not again ready for stickers animation...


but i don't understand when u tell "creating images for the current stickers" 

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