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Dinosaur Power

Message added by Crow

This has been added with the (dinosaur) power.

More info: https://xat.wiki/dinosaur

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This is a reupload of my original post dated the 17th June 2015 from the old forums. Since the idea hasn't happened yet (and despite having lions, tigers, roosters and now even caterpillar smileys made since then), I thought the idea was worth saving. =)


The idea is self-explanatory: dinosaur-related smileys. There could be smileys based on the t-rex, velociraptor, triceratops, stegosaurus, brontosaurus, trachodon, pterodactyl, etc. The pawns could be any of the dinosaurs listed, or footprints, bones, etc. For hugs, I'm imagining a Jurassic landscape, with a T-Rex stepping on and squashing the other person's avatar.


There is only one dinosaur smiley in the entirety of xat, as seen here, so it would be a fresh concept too.


Let me know what you think! =)

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20 hours ago, Sifu said:

Oh alright. I would also like to see more dinosaur smiley's.

I would also like to see, because then we will see something different from the yellow smiley

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Lol, thank you for the contribution! I was going for a variety of different dinosaurs, but these are certainly interesting, and will give the smiley makers more ideas to choose from. Thanks again!

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