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Hello !!


I already posted this idea in a simple status, idk if it has been suggested before, i want to thank @DJFUNNY who supported it, here i want to share it with you


The idea is why not to add DOODLE in a status, to make some drawing statuses, i'm sure a lot of users are going to enjoy this, Also why not to add it in a conversation in order to allow us to send some drawing messages, I think it would be fun to exchange messages in the form of drawing, even for fun among friends.



Thank you !!



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I think it would be a fun addition but it really boils down to two things:


  1. If the forum administrators would be willing to add something like this
  2. If there is a pre-existing IPS plugin/application that would allow users to draw in statuses

It would be impossible to port the doodle app from xat to the forum and I highly doubt that anyone here would actually take the time to hand-create one, I don't know of many people on xat that know how IPS plugin guidelines work.


Like I said, it would be fun, but I honestly don't know how feasible it is :( 

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