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What is your Favorite Mind Game?


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Hi everyone, Intelligence games enable people to develop their capacity to perceive and evaluate problems, to create different perspectives, to make a fast and accurate decision when faced with a problem, to develop a habit of focusing on a subject and a solution, to develop their capacity to use reasoning and logic effectively. People better recognize and develop their talents and potentials in individual and group works with intelligence games and increase their self-confidence. I play intelligence-enhancing brain teasers to have a good time at home and sometimes for fun. I recommend you mind games too. What is your favorite brain game that you enjoyed playing in your life or played in your past days? Is it chess? or another game one? My favorite mind game is Chess.

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Checkers can be a fun game when you have a King and you're hopping everywhere across the board, capturing multiple pieces in one swoop. 8-)


Jigsaws can be satisfying too, unless it's one of those difficult ones with lots of sky or grass. 

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