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New Scroll Movements


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This idea was suggested by Vevrok (10000123) on Feedback chat. The idea does not involve glows, grads or speeds!




The idea is to have new scroll movements on chats.


Current scroll messages move from right to left before stopping in the middle of the chat. If the scroll message doesn't fit within the chat, it will continue moving (without stopping) and then disappear off the chat before reappearing from the other side again. That’s how current scroll movements work.


New scroll movements could include the following:

  • left to right. This would be convenient for languages that are read from right to left, like Arabic, Hebrew, Kurdish and Urdu.
  • no stop. The message would continue moving until it disappears off the chat, regardless of its length. This allows short scrolls to operate the same way as long scrolls.
  • side to side (rebounding). The message would reach the other side of the chat and then rebound (suddenly change direction) and start moving towards the other side. This would only work for short scroll messages that fit within the chat. There could be an option to pause the message in the middle of the chat before it moves again.
  • arriving from each side. Half of the message would emerge from the left side of the chat, and the other half would emerge from the right. The two would assemble in the middle of the chat to complete the message.
  • wave. The scroll message would wave periodically like the smiley line does when you're signed out of the chat.
  • retract in and out. The edge characters of the scroll message would quickly retract into the middle letter of the message and then spread outwards into their normal position again.
  • up and down. The scroll message would stay in its current position at the bottom of the chat, but the characters would disappear upwards or downwards within their scroll text field and then reappear from the other side before stopping, so users can read the message. This could repeat periodically.
  • vibration. The scroll message would vibrate periodically.
  • bounce up and down. The scroll message would bounce periodically like the kaoani group smilies.

Some scroll movements could be used in limited combination with each other, e.g. 'left to right' and 'no stop'.



Pictured: 'arriving from each side' scroll movement.




The purpose is to bring variety and increased customization to your chat. Different movements could draw more attention to your scroll message (increased visibility) and make your chat appear more dynamic and energetic.


As written above, the 'left to right' movement would also be useful for languages that use right to left scripts such as Arabic, Aramaic, Azeri, Dhivehi/Maldivian, Hebrew, Kurdish (Sorani), Persian/Farsi, and Urdu. Users wouldn’t have to wait for the final character to emerge to make sense of the full message, as they currently do.




Some scroll movements could potentially cause motion sickness in users if they're too erratic. For this reason, admins could perhaps set the pause intervals between the movement cycles and limit the number of movements that can be used in combination with each other (you can't combine all of the movements together at the same time). We don't want the scroll messages to cause chaos.




Credit to Four (4444) for writing this, Elea (1313) for the concept art and the 'arriving from each side' and 'vibration' ideas, and once again to Vevrok (10000123) for suggesting the original idea.


Thanks for reading! Please let us know your constructive thoughts below.

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I think if anything, we should at least include the option to have it scroll from left to right for inclusion purposes. To combat your negative, a Macro could be included that would disable scroll animations and just cycle the regular scroll.

@VevrokI like this suggestion! Keep up the good work :) 

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The xat team is always looking for innovation, change and improvement from good to better, I think that with the achievement of new scroll mouvements, we will move from what is familiar and what is classic to what is new and developed. I think it will be good to do a renewal in this aspect, which will increase the aesthetic of the chat and will attract  users attention, especially if it comes to important announcements.

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If this gets implemented, there must be a setting to choose what scroll movements you would like to see. Not only to customize your chat, but to customize what users see on xat.


The motion sickness is a serious issue added to the suggestion, and a few movements can be a distraction to users trying to read conversations on your chat. Aside from that, the suggestion seems pretty clear and a positive point towards customize your chat even more so props to all of you for sharing this. (applause)

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