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xat Uno Game


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I was speaking with a few people about this and everyone liked the idea, so I decided to post it as a suggestion.

It can either be a "game ban" or a "game widget"



This is what I came up with in photoshop for the design.


The idea behind the power or widget

To play a game of uno (but related to xat/xats version)

Uno skip converted to xat relation: Instead of skipping that user could for example: play a game ban

Uno reverse converted to xat relation: Instead of reversing the user would be reverse banned for 5 minutes (example)

Feel free to add suggestions for +4Wild | +2 | Wild cards.


I will show designs for any other suggestions another user may have.


Smiley suggestions related to the power

(xuno) - the main smiley could be a pawn holding a hand of cards

(xdraw) - a pawn drawing a card from a pile of cards

(xdraw4) - a pawn throwing 4 cards at another pawn

(xskip) - a colored pawn that has a skip symbol over it

(xuwin) - a pawn with no cards holding up a sign saying XUNO!

(xureverse) - A spawn that starts to spin and stop

(xuwild) - a pawn holding up a 4 colored card (colors could be changed with color codes)

- - - add more suggestions to this list if you want - - -

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We have a uno game on the FEXBot it will be very nice if we had the power game  uno for xat for that we can play it. 


After is up to the admins to valid it.



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