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ID: 586
Status: Limited
Price: 229 xats

Hats: (hat#hf) (hat#hL) (hat#hs) (hat#hr) (hat#hb)
Smilies: springtime,spbird,spflower,spsnow,spsun


New smilies added:




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Add new smilies
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A wonderful power that must be appreciated.
Thanks @Mihay for this beautiful power.

- Thanks also to the others for all the support.

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5 hours ago, Mihay said:

5 more new smilies will be added soon !


beautiful flowers please. a smiley on a flower meadow would be cool.

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New smilies and pawns have been uploaded.


Smilies: springtime, spbee, spbird, spflower, spladybug, sppaint, spplant, sprainy, spsnow, spsun



Pawns: hat#hf, hat#hs, hat#hb, hat#hr


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Posted (edited)

Nice Job Congrat Mihay... i like more this idea of a bee and less the umbrella, beautiful's pawns and awesome main Smiley!


(still waiting news about crocodile...)


Taking Care Mother GIF 

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(crocodile no crodoline)
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