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xat Theme CSS/JS


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Header background looks dark gray now, it's better than before, not necessarily everything has to be blue just because xat is blue, a dark theme is generally focused on being minimalist and less straining on the eyes.


In dark 2 some things are still missing:


1. Buttons would look better if they had more contrast, or maybe a lighter color.



2. Modals are the same color as the background, so it's almost impossible to know where they start or end.



3. Ranks have a dark background on posts, but on profiles they remain white.

Screenshot_5.thumb.png.386ef777d4c20a6bffb3ff8457a40dfa.png  vs Screenshot_6.thumb.png.2657661152e1708bcf8e874d168dea66.png



4. (SUGGESTION): It would be a good idea to also add a totally dark theme (#000) for the AMOLED/OLED/SUPER AMOLED screens, on smartphones/notebooks they are already very common, and it'd even remind chat groups, as they have a full black background.


Example (Twitter):

Screenshot_1.thumb.png.b9bbb3fb4b5fb791ea7eed3fc17f87a4.png vs Screenshot_2.thumb.png.bfd4834f4f3ec1461600a4beac89a6d8.png





5. (SUGGESTION): If suggestion 4th is made, it would be a good idea to rename the themes to "Light, Blue Dark, Dark, Super dark" or something like.



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8 hours ago, xLaming said:

a dark theme is generally focused on being minimalist and less straining on the eyes.

Agreed and that's what I've been aiming for. I spent quite some time tweaking contrast yesterday once the theme was published.




fixed, fixed, fixed, noted, noted

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when setting AUTH up for your account, if you make an error it gets you to do it again but its hard to read the text, as part of the dialog hasn't been changed, here is a screenshot



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