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Names of Powers & Smilies


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Hello !!


I'm opening this thread to talk about something that i noticed, Some users confuse some powers and smilies as well due to the great similarity in their NAMES, for exp we have " REVEL " and REVEAL " powers, a user wants to buy REVEAL but he can post REVEL by confusion or mistake ... we've KOFFEE and COFFEE the same thing, and we're seeing that some users appreciate some smilies too, today there was a user who posted " Buy SMOKES " people tried to help him they said : smoke = military power, others said adventure power, cuz we have SMOKE the smiley of military power, and SMOKES the smiley of adventure power. 


So through this thread i would like to say designers / smiley makers try to make always a different names of powers and smilies in the future ( names that not already exist ) to not creat confusion for users please, i know this needs some efforts but we trust you, we appreciate what you're doing, Greeting to you all. 


Thanks ! 

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