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Ayuda's contest - Stay Safe!

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Now that most people are staying home and are being more active on xat due to the quarantine, xat Ayuda has decided to host a contest to help spend the time.


The contest will be hosted at xat.com/Ayuda


We are concerned that users are being scammed which is why we created a dynamic contest/game to win some xats.


The contest will include safety and security questions and some games with the bot. We would like to focus on educating xat users about how to avoid being scammed. 


Please keep in mind that we are an official Spanish help chat, the staff room will be used for the contest and the main room will be free for users who need help.


All languages will be allowed during the contest, don't worry!

Contest procedure:


  • There are 11 questions, the first one to answer wins.
  • If you answered a question correctly, you will need to skip the next question (win 1 skip 1).


The games that we will play with the bot will be: Darts, Matchrace, Spacewar and Zwhack.


  • Again, win 1 skip 1 will be in place.
  • If you use multiple accounts to play, you will be disqualified. We all have the right to participate and to win, so please be fair and responsible.


Contest date and time:


March 25th, at 21:00 GMT+1 Spanish time.



Prize holder: Blacky


 A big thanks to xat Admins for donating 10,000 xats!








Ahora que la mayoría de las personas están quedándose en casa y están más activas en xat debido a la cuarentena, xat Ayuda ha decidido hacer un concurso para hacer el tiempo lo más ameno posible.


El concurso se hará en xat.com/Ayuda


Nos preocupa mucho que los/as usuarios/as sean estafados/as, es por eso que hemos creado una dinámica concurso/juego para ganar algunos xats que otros.


El concurso incluirá preguntas relacionadas a la seguridad y algunos que otros juegos con el bot. Nos gustaría enfocarnos en educar a los/as usuarios/as para que así, puedan evitar ser estafados/as.


Por favor ten en cuenta que somos un chat oficial de xat de ayuda en Español, por lo que la sala principal será exclusivamente para las personas que entren en ayuda, reciba una ayuda/soporte. La sala del staff, se usará para el concurso.


Todos los idiomas serán permitidos durante el concurso, ¡no te preocupes!


Procedimiento del concurso:


  • Son 11 preguntas, el/la primero/a que conteste, gana.
  • Si has respondido una pregunta correctamente, tendrás que saltar la siguiente pregunta, es decir, tendrás que esperar un turno (1 gana vs 1 espera).


Los juegos que jugaremos con el bot serán: Darts, Matchrace, Spacewar y Zwhack.


  • De nuevo, 1 gana vs 1 espera.
  • Si usas múltiples cuentas para jugar, serás descalificado/a. Todos/as tenemos el derecho a participar y ganar, por lo tanto, sean justos y responsables.



Fecha y hora del concurso:


25 de marzo, a las 21:00 GMT+1 Horario Español.


Cuenta atrás: https://www.tickcounter.com/countdown/1861012/ayudas-contest


Prize Holder: Blacky



¡Muchas muchas gracias a los administradores de xat por donar los 10.000 xats!

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12 hours ago, theFlower said:

i wish we can use english in that contest because if spanish so not alot of users gonna be in that contest 


All languages will be allowed during the contest, don't worry!


Added to the post, sorry!

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Inappropriate behaviour is not allowed under no circumstance on any official or tribute xat nor on non official ones. We had temporarily disabled some rules during the event so that everyone could take part in it, but the basic rules about respecting other users and using a proper language are always there and must be followed with no exceptions. @theFlower

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Thank you very much, for the contest. 

This was fantastic 


For a long time ago, I didn't see users so happy  


Most won, and everyone was so happy 

Once more permitt me to say thank you guys @Blacky @Admin 

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3 hours ago, theFlower said:

http://prntscr.com/rmru56 @Admin @Crow @Angelo

he said contest for all the admin pay for it

and  i told him i cant speak spanish he write  alot orf words and trunslator wont trunslate but blacky wont care   


We cannot tolerate such behaviours as you've had during the contest and it's not our fault that the translator isn't translating correctly. I told you that all languages were going to be allowed and that you could use a translator.


On the other hand, we couldn't play the bot games cause the Gamebot was leaving the chat all the time. 


But we knew how to take advantage of the time and not leave users unable to enjoy so we started asking random questions to have fun and a chance to win xats!


I hope that the security questions have helped you to learn more about the security on xat.com


There were many users, it has been a long time since Ayuda hadn't had a contest like this, so a BIG THANK YOU!


See you around xat!

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Hello, i heard there was a contest in xat ayuda, this is cool, unfortunately i didn't participate, i hope i'll be in the next one, anyway i hope you guys passed a very nice moments there, i'd like to thank the staff members of ayuda, have a nice moments all.

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