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Hello everyone, first of all my English is not very perfect, but I will try to make you understand me, I want to make a suggestion in general since I am seeing that xat every day, every month, every year is losing a lot of people Because the users are no longer having access to new offers, or possibly we are not having the advertising that was in 2000 until 2008, maybe 2010, could it be that the time of death for xat has come? Why not do new things that make xat more eye-catching, create a new cheap pawn that catches the attention of those who can't have everypower?


Why should we worry about those who cannot buy? Simple because we need to gain the trust of all old and new users by doing new skills, powers, pawns, among other things that users like and give them the confidence to stay. I'm not talking about doing something that is given away for those people, I'm talking about doing something that is as good as everypower but that is for people of low and middle class who do not have access to every.


What do I mean by new offers? I mean new Offers in the official xats store, Advertising on other web pages, Advertising on other game pages, things that catch people's attention and that can really convince the user to use xat and stay on it. As before, I was personally one of those who met xat.com through an advertisement, and at first I did not understand what this was, but over time I learned many things and became staff of some official xat as a change and it helps when there was Joombly and Wiki, and when there was especially mundoxat.


I want to read the opinions of each one and I hope that they are as concrete as a user can write and that it is well explained, THIS IS NOT A JOKE, we need to do something for xat now, I think it is time to look for ways to earn the trust of people and those who are about to know this social network




I hope that this suggestion do not finished as closed Post. 



Good Day!

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