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Hi i have error 55 , please help me


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System erorr 55:

Due to that some accounts were held in error, send a message to one of the volunteers on the forum Click here scroll down to volunteers and pm one of them. They would tell you if your account was held in error or not.

If you were held in error then there's no need to open the ticket at this moment, as everything will be fixed.

If your account wasn't held in error (not due to the sweep) then you definitely need a ticket under account block department.



If you were to open a ticket because you weren't held in error. clear your browser cookies then go to ticket and do that Click here



Alternatively you can use incognito mode without clearing cookies, open google chrome press (ctrl+shift+N) all together from the keyboard then head over to ticket

◘ You have to have access to your email address that is attached to your account because you need it to create the ticket under the stated section (account block).

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