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International Women's Day on March 8 <3

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 Do you know how this day start ?  

Let me tell you a little story : 

International Women's Day on March 8 was declared by the United Nations in 1975. 

Two years later it became International Women's Day and International Peace. 

In the United States it has been officially celebrated only since 1994, although it is in that country where the origins of the commemoration are found. 

Why was that day chosen? 

The most likely explanation dates back to the mid-19th century, in the middle of the industrial revolution. 

On March 8, 1857, thousands of textile workers decided to go out to the streets of New York with the motto 'Bread and roses' to protest the poor working conditions and demand a cut in the schedule and end of child labor... 


And in Spain? 

On March 8, 1910, women legally access the university thanks to a Royal Ordinance. In fact it was not prohibited, it simply did not contemplate the possibility that a woman had the slightest need to receive this training, although Emilia Pardo Bazán had already presided over the literature section of the Madrid Athenaeum, also being a pioneer in occupying a chair of literatures Neolatins at the Central University of Madrid. 

We are at the gates of the crazy Twenty years. 


The Spaniards pulled on March 8, 1936, preceded by important feminist protests in the first two decades of the twentieth century. 185 strikes in Barcelona, 64 in Valencia, 55 in Zaragoza and 48 in Madrid .. and loong story for every country ...

Dear Girls , woman's this post is only for us :$   

Forever remember this 

 change the world womens GIF by badassfemme

But :

- we have something, even if we are far or near, something that unites us all, regardless of where you will be, something unites us, and never stop dreaming, and never stop smiling, and never forget to value yourself, never forget that we are ourselves.edcYB0H.png?1

I want to tell to all's woman's , girl's mothers :Happy Women's Day, from around the world   



Feel free and write, something, the most beautiful thing that happened to you in your life  

<333  (blowkiss) 



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5 minutes ago, theFlower said:

@Marya happy woman day sis allah protect you (blowkiss)

Allah protect all woman’s sister from every where, and us mommy grandma and bless them , cause we are now there of them . Us profeta say first your mother second your mother after your mother .

Happy woman’s day my beautiful ♥️ 

16 minutes ago, xRavenette said:

Hello @theFlower
This post is meant to remind us a brief history of this day and where it started, and she also mentioned our rights and we are a united community, no matter where we are.

Happy Woman Day too @Marya and @theFlower

Happy woman day my sweet heart ♥️ 

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34 minutes ago, Maxo said:

Happy day to all womans, to all forum xat girls especially @Marya my sweet freind and sis, enjoy your day i hope a full happiness to all of you. thanks

Thank you so much from my heart @Maxo

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Wanted to give a special thanks to all of the women of xat who help make the website such a unique and exciting experience. We love you and appreciate you very much!


Happy Women’s Day, we’re all so thankful you’re here and it’s obvious you make the world a better place. 



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3 hours ago, CH3RRY said:

Happy day to all the women in the forum and to all the women who

are still in the fight for equality, my recognition and admiration.(applause)



You too happy woman's day sweet heart <3 

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