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Trade Reason

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Hey , What about trade REASON?!

It's a simple idea, which I think can save many xat.com logins.

When someone offers a gift xats, days, or powers to someone, and after a while wants to receive everything that was offered back, with this the xat team will have evidence that it has been offered, of course when you write the reason.

I believe that there are times when someone gives someone else powers, and after they quarrel, they want to go back, and the person has no where to return power, and opens the ticket as he stole power.

Why? IDK!
- When you want to give a gift and congratulate someone on his birthday.
- When you want to help someone or borrow, write down the reason and until, so you have evidence as you helped temporarily and not offered definitively. [This I speak from friend to friend, xat did not take responsibility for your powers, you must take care what you do in the future].
- Because many others will use it to add the Reason. [For your own interest]
- For the simple reason that I want to add a reason to every trade I make, I may not add a reason if I forget to do it.

Any questions?! (scn)


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I cannot really see the real usage of this... Transfers already have that option, so if you want to gift someone some xats/days you can do it that way. Moreover, these reasons would not necessarily increase security since I could just write 'Trading 20000 xats' when I actually traded 20000. 


I wouldn't mind if this was introduced but I guess there are other things to prioritise. 

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Hey @Norman Thank you for the reply.

You can't transfer powers, I think I made a bad example, I had to add powers, not xats. . ..
It´s not about how much you trade or what u give, it´s about the reason why u give. [I don´t want more these powers, i will give him] Another reason: [LEft xat, i don´t need more powers]. 

With these reason u can´t open ticket to get the xats/powers/days back, because u told left xat or another reason u give. . . 

It´s just a exemple, don´t need to be like that LOL (a)

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Interesting, not a bad idea. 

So it can ends everything , when they give you a gift. 

Then they open you a ticket, saying that you stole it or I dont  know . 

It is not a bad point. 

Example : i see many case they give a gift when they was in love , after him report she ...  

Yh honestly is good point 

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I appreciate this idea, adding the reason seems good why not ? and speaking of the transfer, a button " ok " or " confirm " should be added In the message that appears while doing the transfer below ( a user id 1 transferred ... xats to user id 2 + button ok or confirm )

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I wouldn't want to advertise the idea of borrowing powers and make it a responsibility of volunteers to return these powers to you should the borrowing party refuse to do so. If xat wanted there to be an option to borrow powers then they would implement this functionality.


Borrowing is trust-based and should remain that way. If you can't trust the person enough to believe they'll return the goods on command then refrain from borrowing to that person.

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Giving a reason anytime i do a trade may be annoying to me as a trader, i can see this would be better to write a reason ONLY when you're trading a power for nothing back from the other user.


Mean, after asking if you sure to about the trade even tho is unfair!! You will agree then Reason checkbox can be shown and you can write that you see appropriate with the situation you got. Bday gift or borrow a friend or just giving away the power. 


And for sure the reason will be listed on your trade logs so, in future if something happen and a report scam was opened. Everything can be clear on the trade logs and much easy for the vols to understand what happened. 


NOTE : If you don't add a reason, the trade should not be done. SO just don't say you forgot!


Thanks for the idea anyway!

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