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Hi everyone.


Time if post something.


I was evaluating the response time of the staff here in the forum. It's good, but it can be better. How?


I came up with the idea of creating a group in DISCORD which serves as support and help immediately, since many users are not permanently online in the forum and if in discord from their cell phone at any time and moment, to be able to give help.


Many will say and where is the forum? The forum will continue to work the same way, only by discord you will have a faster and more immediate response, and you can create sections of help staff (support), collaborators, moderators, among others.


I thought it would be a good idea, I await your comments.

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Forum activity will be affected if we do this, in addition to theft problems related to xat through Discord.


We have Forum Support here, we also have the official help chats that have a real-time response while a staff is connected and of course Ticket system.

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We do answer users questions here on forum and on Facebook through xat's official page in a reasonable response time. The same goes with the ticket system.


Remember that the availability of helpers/ticket volunteers depends on their free time, since all work is done voluntarily. This also means that even using such an application it is likely that the response time wouldn't change that much, considering that it wouldn't increase the availability of helpers/ticket volunteers.


Also remember that when messaging us through our Facebook page, you can do it from your smartphone using the Facebook app / Messenger app. The page also supplies the ease of communication.

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Discord is also a rival to xat, so I don't think it's a good idea to promote users signing up for it. It potentially takes users away from xat in the long term.

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