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WIN 300 XATS (9 winners)

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I've had a small complaint about the first page of the thread and that users were confused about what the prizes for the giveaway are, as there have been multiple giveaways previously.  

Hi all, All prizes have been collected from the previous giveaway. This next giveaway is listed below and contains 21 winners. I've matched the prizes with their number:   #1 500 x

Hi all,   The winners for this one are: #1 @Borbo #2 @Aero #3 @Mino1 #4 @Enge #5 @India     Happy again to see new winners! As always, thank you

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Hi all,


The winners for this one are:


#1 @Coolingman


#3 @SethTI

#4 @iDan

#5 @Maxo

#6 @Caiio

#7 @Ravenette


#9 @Jake




Very happy to have seen so many entries!

Thank you for participating, and the next giveaway will be announced when time permits and all prizes have been collected


Contact me at xat.com/Chat for the prize within 48 hours

Good luck on the next one!(blowkiss)

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2 prizes out of 9 have not been collected

These were not claimed by @LOLO-VENEZUELA & @SethTI so I've generated again and omitted the names that have not collected and that have already won
The winners are:






Please do come collect your prize!

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