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I think what would be cool is to actually have like a remote control, similar to your main smiley image, that actually controls the smileys. For example, you could have an airplane in which you could control it to fly far to right or far to the left etc. I don't think up or down should be added since it might get a little carried away on the chat. Similar to offset almost. This way, it's somewhat like a remote control automobile power, in which you can control what way you want your automobile to go. 

Example image:

rc-airplane-game-follow-the-leader.gif (You could have a smiley with a remote control, with a command in which could control the automobile)


I also do think the name 'automobile' or 'remobile' or 'remote' would be a better fit rather than model. 

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I like @Lemona's idea better than the generic smileys we get every week. Especially if we can customise the models to some extent.


If people want to be annoying with them, at least they'll have to pay for the power first (possibly make it 1k or more), with perhaps an option to disable them with gcontrol. 

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