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First and foremost, Superlove is not a power, but rather a collection. Should you own each of the powers required for it, you gain access to different pawns that were previously unavailable. 


Superlove is not an additonal power required for Everypower. If you have Everypower, you would automatically obtain Superlove. 


There is no one forcing you to buy all of the powers for Superlove. The only reason someone would want to do so would be to use the pawns that it offers, that's it. 


Collections based on holidays or other seasonal events allow for a stimulation of the economy, making some powers worth more than they were before, so that every power doesn't end up being 125 xats. 


There have already been quite a few released, which you can see here: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Category:Collection

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Said above, to get the pawns, you must have all the powers. So you will complete the collection. You are not obliged to buy them all, however they are necessary to activate the pawns. Missing you 1 won't work. @theFlower

If you buy any of the 10 powers that activate the collection, you can only use the function whose power it has. Hats (If assets are encurnta) and smilies.

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It is a pity, if you want one of those pawns, you can expect that at some point (it is not safe to do so) Activate them again individually as they have done in previous years. There are no more ways.

It is not a crazy idea, it is a collection for those Power lovers and celebrating their February 14, Those who do not have the 10 powers are not required to collect those powers to activate them.

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