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Hi everyone, I want to thank the staff Help you are wonderful people, I am glad we met Help is a chat that respects you who helps and deserves help and other people who are for the first time in chat com or who do not know how to chat or i don't know xat com we help each other's help team in the heart of my soul so i will always be good and bad for easy or hard for xat help, so we destroy a family we are a united staff with great big souls


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On 1/19/2020 at 12:11 PM, DUYGU said:

Hello Ajutor familiy, (hug) I will always be with you Raven, Aura.Aero, Mihai,Danny,Borni, Mafia1 and other members of the Ajutor family, especially Bau. I will continue to support the Ajutor family. I am happy to be with Ajutor family. I love you All. The Ajutor family was a beautiful whole with all its members. Volunters became a part of this beautiful whole  


3 hours ago, DUYGU said:

My support for Ajutor, Mosa3adeh and Helfen help rooms continues and my support will always continue. those rooms were never an inactive help room, and they will never be an inactive help room. I see this with the with together helpful people there

Thanks you @DUYGU ❤️🌹 I’m happy for see. You in Mosa3adeh Arabic with friends. And Ajutor ❤️😍

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