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Press Your Luck

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Hi guys! I'm bringing a new game to xat within the next month: Press Your Luck! If you are not already familiar with how it works, it works like this:


The gameplay will be similar to that of the game show, but will come with some twists such as minigames and a Mystery Roulette. Minigames will include rock paper scissors and gamebans. You can spin and win as many xats as you can up to 50,000 xats! You can also win some FEXBot time for any bot of your choosing as well! It's honestly a real gamble. I will explain a little bit more about how I will be hosting.




The game will be divided up into 2 rounds:


  • The pre-game round, where you can rack up as many earnings and spins for the final round as possible. When I ask "Press or freeze" you will have the option to Press Your Luck (risk it all) for a chance to earn more xats, or you could land on a Whammy and lose all of your earnings. If you land on a Whammy, you lose all of your earnings and are out of the pre-game round. If you choose to freeze, all of your spins and earnings will be carried over to the final round, and you cannot play in the pre-game round anymore. This round will end when everyone has either froze or landed on a Whammy.
  • The final round, where you use your earned spins to win as much as possible, with the added ability to pass your spins to the lead player. The player who has the most amount of earnings after all spins have been used wins the game, and is the only one that keeps their earnings. Runners-up will receive 2000 xats for 2nd place, and 1000 xats for 3rd place (will be modified if the lead player has 2000 xats or less).




You will have an unlimited amount of spins for the pre-game round, and you can use your earned spins in the final round to rack up as many xats and FEXBot time as possible. In the final round, when I ask "Press or pass" you will have the option to pass your remaining spins to the player in first place. That player MUST take those spins. If they land on a Whammy during a passed spin, the remaining passed spins are added to their earned column.


As for the minigames and Mystery Roulette, I feel that is something better explained as we go in the game. For this reason, I will be offering test runs of Press Your Luck and how I will be hosting. I did a similar thing like this before I hosted Deal or No Deal last year. This will allow me to gather feedback and potentially improve the game for the main event. I will explain more in-depth about how the game will work as the test runs are being played.


The main event will happen around mid-to-late February on a Saturday or Sunday and will be announced on the Contests forum before the actual event begins. Unfortunately due to the bunch of note taking on my part and how time-consuming this event may be, I will limit the event so that no more than 10 players can participate (this includes test runs as well).


If you would like to play a test run of Press Your Luck, feel free to see me @ Game chat whenever I am online and I will be happy to start a game with you if I have the time! Hope to see you there!

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It's not on a separate website. For other users, this is played only on xat chats and will require them to say a certain phrase to spin the wheel. "big money no whammy stop." In order for the game to work, I need the following components:


  • A FEXBot for randomly generating the number (spinning the wheel)
  • pastebin for note taking and for everyone to see the wheel and Mystery Roulette
  • random.org for re-arranging the boards after every game
  • Google Docs for extra note taking and storage



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This is wonderful chance game. I liked it very much.but those who have no chance will be sad. Our need more chance to win more. I would like to try my luck in this game of chance

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UPDATE: Now you can win GOLD power similar to the Suzuki car as mentioned in the video!


Just land on 1/2 GOLDEN KEY space twice to reunite the 2 halves of the key and win the game, and you will win your earnings + GOLD power! However, if you land on a Whammy, you will lose whatever portion of the golden key you have collected, but it will NOT be put into Whammy's Bank.


I have also added a scoreboard where you can see your scores as I log them.

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