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typing power and classic power problems

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hi  i want give some info to users.

we all had problem  before that typing pwoer works and we dont typ anything and when we type the power wont stop 

other  problem for classic power sometimes wont work and show normal smile 

all of that problems  i found how to fex that

just  go  login and all will work  perfectly  i tried that 

i wish that help you :)

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9 hours ago, Sezenry said:

Why do you use my profil gif? :s 

whats the problem those pics for all peopels in the world its not you who is in the pic so we all allow  to use this pic 

1 hour ago, Shizuo said:

I still can't understand this suggestion.. and @Sezenry you can resolve your issue by personal messenger no need to be dramatic on here. 

i mean if have problem of typing power or classic powers not show classic smiles so just go login and all will be fexed 

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