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2 hours ago, Birgu said:

Hello, I need to ask you something about the bots that come into xat.com, how they can be removed, no longer have access, or create you who are on the xat.com team a bib protection you have printscreen here https://prnt.sc/qfvtt3 if https://prnt.sc/qfvv77

Hi, based on the screenshots, you are spammed with raid bots in your private chat. You can try using a (nopc) and (nopm) power to avoid being spammed then refresh on the chat, in this way the raider on your chat won't be able to send you a private message anymore if you have the (nopc) and (nopm) powers enabled.

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To avoid raid bots, tell the chat staff (or if you're one of them) to active the protection mode.

By typing /p in the main chat, this will stay for 1 hour and new unregistered users will have to solve a CAPTCHA to join the chat. 

After activating the protection mode, there may stay the toons pawns on chat. You can ask an owner or a mod (is about chat settings) to Kickall using command /kap or /kam. (you need to own kickall power to do this). In case you don't have the power and you have access to the chat bot then you can use command !kickall 3. 


I hope that was helpful enough, good luck!

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