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Hi everybody !!


I want to talk about this staff page https://forum.xat.com/staff/, i think Mr @Admin and volunteers are not the only members of staff here in the forum, we also have : Contributors, Game makers, Smiley makers, Bot providers, Wiki editors, Wiki translators ..., i think all these groups are a staff members, the difference is every group has a specific mission, i remember before we had the list of contributors and @LaFleur when he was a moderator in the staff page, now we have only mr admin and volunteers, so i propose to add the list of each and every group in this page https://forum.xat.com/staff/. i don't know what do you think about this !! Thanks 

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There is already a list for each of these groups on the xat wiki. Other groups are not considered xat staff, only volunteers and administrator.


You can also use the search engine to find all the people who belong to a specific group.




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Contributors have never been listed as staff because they have never been considered as staff. Also, moderators are still listed as staff but since we don't have any moderators with the current role of moderating only, volunteers and admins are the only ones on the list right now. 


As Abrahan said, you can use the search engine to find the different roles that we have on the forum right now, and these different groups won't be listed as staff for obvious reasons (mainly because they are not considered as staff).

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38 minutes ago, Leandro said:

Only volunteers, mods and admin are staff because they have special tools which Contributors nor the Wiki staff have. Get out of your bubble, you are not going to be added to the staff page.

If you are aware of this information that has already been answered above, please do not be rude, he offered a suggestion did not hurt anyone.

This has been spoken many times, one of the topics I have opened, and the same answers I had, as now from Mr. Leandro, even worse.
I agree with, Abrahan, Sergio and Leandro Can´t considered a staff Forum, must be Admin or Moderator to have a main role in the forum.
Almost all volunteers are moderators of the forum, and some of them have access as Administrators. {I´m not sure about this}

I can suggest that some of the wikiEditors, wikiTranslators, Contribuitors . . .Choose one or two of them as Moderator forum.

Merry Christmas (hug) 

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