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@SHAW who was disqualified from this contest by Bryan for cheating on xat Winter Festival used @JoelS as a second account to participate in this contest.   As a consequence, we have banned h

He doesn’t deserve those xats, I hope they will be removed from his account


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3 hours ago, Addict said:

Hello, hello, hello!


Let’s start hump day by giving away xats, shall we! I will be asking random questions, about anything and everything. 
Each question answered will be given a prize of 500-1,000 xats.

Alright y’all, this is pretty simple. I ask, you answer, you win, I pay. 


Vamos pens!


P.S I will be asking questions at random times, so stay on the lookout, ya boy got a job to keep. 

Oh and @SHAW and resellers won’t be participating in this game, sorry not sorry hehe


First question: What is the shortest complete English sentence? 


I am 

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Question: What is the longest muscle in the human body?        


 Prize: 700                 

This time, post your answer on the Facebook post (Facebook.com/xatchats) to win!!!



BONUSSSSSSSS : 500 xats if you take your booty to Facebook 


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