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this did not happen to a friend of mine and I can help her make a


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hello, I have a problem about 2 days ago I offered a friend to keep my powersi to transfer them to another log then ran after the chat and I did not know until now to do what ticket I don't understand very well
this is <ID removed>
all my powersi transfer on the log
<ID removed>
below I attach evidence that all the powers I have had are bought with my hard work!
<screenshots containing personal information removed>

thank you i only want xats back and this user is blocked

<ID removed>

this happened to my fellow <ID removed>

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I have edited your post to comply with the following guideline:



General Forum Guidelines

10. Disputes about specific chats or users should not be discussed. However, asking for advice on dealing with these types of issues is allowed.


Specific users should not be accused here, and you should not post screenshots with your email address, as this information could be used by bad users.


Please open a ticket in the Report Scam department, and explain your situation in full, providing your evidence there. Please ensure your ticket subject is five words or more.


If you already have a ticket open about this same issue, please wait patiently for a reply.

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