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Win a Xmas Pcback + power Ornaments! Giveaway


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Good morning everyone!  🍪

I think there are many Grinchs around here. (wary)
The three winners of this contest are:

🎁 First place: @DUYGU  https://i.imgur.com/TpqU8H6.png  + Power Ornaments.
🎁 Second place: @Blacky  https://i.imgur.com/mx0lMwD.png + 5 days. 
🎁 Third place: @Coolingman  https://i.imgur.com/0Afnmxy.png 


However, I have decided to give pcbacks to three more winners in this contest, they are:

🎁 @CH3RRY https://i.imgur.com/Lcal9ic.png 

🎁 @Kaay  https://i.imgur.com/aoShHKF.png 

🎁 @iDan  https://i.imgur.com/rpbLtEB.png




The results can be consulted >> here.


Thank you all for participating.


PD: For those who didn't win, I will be giving some of those bg's in these holiday times. Be aware!



🎄 I wish you all Happy Holidays! 🎄



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10 hours ago, RobFerrari said:


Another Grinch, nice nice! Your pcback is done.  (sman)

You're welcome everyone!
I hope you enjoy and look your pcbacks on  these Christmas days! (applause)

Thanks so much for pcback, happy holidays, a great new year!


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