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xat group has been stollen, email replaced, please help


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I write in name of the owner because she doesnt speak english and I wanna help her. 

The issue is as follow

This chat https://xat.com/didinaromatica belongs to  zuzafitoasa2016 (1515892913) 

She was the original creator of the xat group, and she still has acces to the original email that she used to create the radio, I can name the email to an admin if needed.

She created radio in 2016. 

Someone, that she trusted, had the chat password, and replaced the original email with his email then reseted everything and changed passwords. As the email has been changed, noone can recover the chat or password. 

She is logging from Iasi <removed>, you can check maybe the ip logs and see that in last week someone else logged there and the email has been changed . That would be a proof. 

ANyway, if you can not check that, I will kindly ask you to move the chat ownership from whatever mail it is now, to the original mail that was created on, because that would be legit anyway, it is the creator email, and she is the only one that can acces that account. You can also contact here on the auth I gave you in this ticket for more info or questions. Thank you for your kindly help. 

Update: proofs 

https://imgur.com/gB9trVY In this image you can see the proof that the original creator of the stollen chat is still main owner, because the thief did not reseted the chat, he only changed mail and passwords, stealing acces to edit. 

Please lets not let this kind of things remain unsolved and unpunished in our community :) 

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Hello @AmonRa2017,


It is regrettable to hear that your friend is having issues with her chatbox. At this time, we do not offer email changes for chatgroups, so it seems unlikely that your chatgroup was put under the email of her friend, as you mention here:


Someone, that she trusted, had the chat password, and replaced the original email with his email then reseted everything and changed passwords.


If a main owner allows another main owner to be made, it is the original main owner's sole responsibility to ensure that the chat group is not taken over by the second main owner. Remember, you should only make your friends the "Owner" rank unless you absolutely trust them. If the secondary main owner refuses to give up access to the original chat group, I suggest unassigning all group powers from the chat and creating a new chat for free. Perhaps ban that user on your new chat, or make it members only.


If you have any other questions, please feel free to open a new support thread. This thread will now be locked.

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email changes only by ticket, if him/her has changed the email , probably he/she knew the e-mail.


if [the creator] she/he has proofs enough to recover your chat, send a ticket. in [general concern or chat block]


note: general concern must to be user paid. already bought for the BUY/official xat shop.

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