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Noticias Christmas Celebration 🎄


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This is the result of Noticias Christmas Celebration (Forum)


  1. @DavidS1 | TheDarkS25 (66747973) Received: https://prnt.sc/qfe48w
  2. @Leandro | Leandro (1010206) Received: https://prnt.sc/qfc0y7
  3. @i1Category | i1Category (152555933) Received: https://prnt.sc/qfnh3w
  4. @DUYGU | Ciix (10301) Received: https://prnt.sc/qfnicu
  5. @Blacky | Blacky (691320709) Received: https://prnt.sc/qfbn01
  6. @xiFaahx | IIIFaahIII  (400666660) Received: https://prnt.sc/qfngkk
  7. @RobFerrari | RobFerrari (129030692) Received: https://prnt.sc/qfbr8t
  8. @ojitos0102 | ojitos0102 (633766075)  Unclaimed.
  9. @Nebunie | Nebunie000 (1523106905) Unclaimed.
  10. @Vess  | x1507191908 (1507191908) Unclaimed.

Result image:




Go to xat Noticias and contact me to receive your prize. It is important that you confirm that you received the prize. From now on everyone has 48 hours according to the rules of the forum to claim the prize, otherwise new winners will be chosen instead.


Congratulations to all the winners, we wish you a happy holiday season! 



xat Noticias.

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