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Sup guys,


I'm here just for sharing something I have made, it's not too inovative or whatever, but just for fun,


Well, I have made a script for showing latest power information (AS IMAGE) in real-time (including smilies, pawns etc),


All the system has caching for images (I DONT WANT TO CRASH MY SERVER LOL), so,


I'm releasing it for you, so you can embed it on your xatspace or chat group (thx admins)


So, all you need to do is use this URL ( https://static.mundosmilies.com/latest/all ) as image on your profile/chat group, using the following code:

<img src="https://static.mundosmilies.com/latest/all">
  • You can remove stroke text by adding ?nostroke on the end of the URL.
  • You can set the language by adding ?lang on the end of the URL. (Languages available: en, pt, es)


Some examples:

<img src="https://static.mundosmilies.com/latest/all">

<img src="https://static.mundosmilies.com/latest/all?lang=es">

<img src="https://static.mundosmilies.com/latest/all?nostroke&lang=pt">


Available links:


Real-time Demo:


(yeah I have bought power me to all those accounts, just to separate them according)


I would make a post on forum to "update power automatically" but seems that forum staff didn't unblock this domain (CSP), so, we go on...



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