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I bought Superxmas thinking that Snows pawn(my favourite Christmas pawn) was going to be re-added to the collection, and now it has been added to this collection. Nice! :)


Anyway, thank you for releasing this collection, I'm sure people will be happy with it.

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I was wondering where the Snows pawn went. rip Solange. Hopefully I can snag these powers before they get pricey (shifty) 


Edit: Some things just came to my attention. Why is Kris part of this collection if it doesn't have any pawns? Similarly, why is hat#h#snows a part of this collection if Snowy isn't a part of this collection? This seems really incomplete on xat's behalf, and it's doesn't make the most sense...

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bc im stupid
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Superxmas has a pawn dedicated to become Santa entirely, which is  (hat#h#claus)  O6hOjQC.png 

 and Superclaus has a pawn that is not fully related with the superpower itself, which is (hat#h#snows) srNtQnQ.png 

(and there's one pawn already that adds snow to the pawn). Besides, Snowy power is part of superxmas and it doesn't have its signature pawn, which should be snows.

Because of the points stated above and as a suggestion: Would it be possible to switch both pawns, adding claus to superclaus and snows to superxmas?

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