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Way to be a Reseller


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Hello, I would like to know how to become a reseller, I was talking to Bryan who gave me his support, and he told me to send a ticket asking, I would like to start and thus help Spanish-speaking users who have no way of paying to xat, and through a reevendelor they could do it.

However, at this moment my account is not paid, so I do it here.

I await your prompt response.

Thanks in advance


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According to what I know so far, you need to buy xats directly from https://xat.com/buy and resell them.


You need to send a ticket and ask them to be reseller:


1. Go to https://xat.com/ticket and click "Open"

2. Fill all fields, and select department "General"

3. Fill subject with at least 5 words, and in message field explain why you want to be reseller, etc...


Note: Any message should be written in English.

Note²: You should be paid user to send a ticket in this department.

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If you are a paid user, you can request to be added to the list by opening a ticket under the A General Question or Concern help department. Volunteers will look for proof of satisfied customers and a strong past of reselling without issues. Currently, non-paid users cannot request to be added to the list.

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