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Hi all !! 


I don't know if this had been suggested before or not, i'm bringing this idea and designers can make its design, i thought for a COLLECTION power by the name of SUPERFX power, including all FX powers, i mean : Glitterfx, Spiralfx, Phasefx, Spacefx, Slimefx, Easterfx, Energygx, Valentinefx, Swordfx, Portalfx, Patrickfx, Illusionfx, Firefx, Splashfx, Lovefx, Fireworksfx, Sparklefx ... 


For the hat's codes it could be : hg, hs, hp, hS, hss, he, hE, hv, hsw, hp, hP, hi, hf ... 


What do you think ? @Mihay and others

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I feel that this has already been suggested, but yes, it's a good suggestion. FX powers have nice pawns, so I think this would be a great collection. I'd love it.


However, you should exclude FX powers that were released for special occasions such as Valentine's day and Easter. Also, some powers you've mentioned were already included with collections such as Superheart, Superxmas and Supersummer.


These powers could be included: Magicfx, Pulsefx, Spiralfx, Vortexfx, Whirlfx, Clockfx, Phasefx, Gamefx, Gamefx2, Balloonfx, Spacefx, Firefx, Illusionfx, Portalfx, Slimefx, Energyfx.

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50 minutes ago, Solange said:

How funny... I knew it was suggested in the past, but didn't remember I was the one who suggested it.


Sorry guys, it's been a tiring day... (tired). Anyway, I guess both suggestions can co-exist. (a)


At least I wasn't wrong after all.

i think i read all suggestion u made and i read a this like a future suggestion :p


Sounds good for future, and will be adding a smiles for this like others superpowers 

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Apparently both have the same characteristics suggested, the difference is that one of the suggestions was for the future and the other was not, however it should be considered by the fact that there are already 2 people who have suggested it. I hope it is taken into account and is a good power.

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There is up to 30 fx power, is really a lil hard to decide what 10 or 12 powers to choose for this collection.


But i'm sure the pawns could be so cool, and why not some new smiles..!

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