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xat's version of simon


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i got this idea from playing neopets (don't judge bro) and i thought to myself: "hey, xat should make their version of simon!"


i would like for this game to be a gamerace where everybody can compete against each other.

the timing and levels can work the same as darts.

scoring? i'm not sure how that'll work.


the game could start out with 4 smilies to click on (the smilies could have audio or light up or both :o).


as the game progress, i have some ideas on how to make this game interesting:

- the pattern time increases.

- the mascot (either the hippo or sman) starts throwing stuff at you so it distracts you.

- [for levels 5 and 9 (since 9 is the limit on darts)] one new smiley could be added for a total of 6 smilies (they won't replace the original smilies).

- the smiley's order can shuffle for distraction as you play.


here's my doodle on what it could look like:



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8 hours ago, Hayley said:

I don't quite understand the power suggestion and functionality of the power, not sure if I'm just blind to the fact or tired, can someone explain please?

tl;dr: there's a game called simon. it's a memory skill game. the point of the game is to memorise the pattern/lights as best as you can. you can play simon here if my explanation is trash. the point of this thread is for xat to create a gameban/gamerace similar to the game simon. i suggested some ideas to make the game interesting.

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49 minutes ago, Maay said:

Ok nice idea but why 666 ? I cant understand that :$  

Other number can be  ? And no 666 please .

666 is suppose to be a "random" score number; same as 4 minutes and 20 seconds being the time. if the gamerace/gameban made a debut, it would be impossible to get 666 as your score since the score would probably go up to numbers ending with 0s.

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my childhood was playing "when i went to market i bought..." with my family on christmas day and it would literally go on forever and it made me want to cry. but hey, why not create it for xat. 


side note. why is it called simon?


simon already has a game; 'simon says'


imo simon seems greedy.

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