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1 minute ago, Magic said:

Power ugly, no smiley to be able to make some combination with another, disappointing this power (grump)

Woodland is a back smile. You can add any face on this.

Wobridge - you can add any yellow smiley onto the bridge

Worelax - you can add any yellow smiley in park

Wotree - you can add any yellow smiley.

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16 minutes ago, Mihay said:

Woodland es una sonrisa de espalda. Puedes agregar cualquier cara a esto.

Wobridge: puedes agregar cualquier carita sonriente amarilla al puente

Worelax: puedes agregar cualquier smiley amarillo en el parque

Wotree: puede agregar cualquier carita sonriente amarilla.

No matter how much you add, Mihai won't fit. It's my way of seeing it for color tastes | 

There are better suggestions in the forum, which are better. that these that are hardly used when they leave and then never again

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19 minutes ago, Solange said:

(worelax) y (wofire) son mis emoticones favoritos.


He estado probando (wofire) con diferentes emoticones y se ve muy bien. ;)


If true, many users have told me the same thing, that good combinations are made.

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